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Oil Seals


Radial Seals

Radial oil seals are designed for sealing shafts and spindles. Providing long-lasting sealing efficiency and they consist of a rubber sealing lip, metal or rubber case and a spiralled tensioning spring. The material used for the sealing lip is a mixture of one or more basic elastomers, such as nitrile rubber - NBR, siliconic rubber - MVQ and fluorinated rubber – FPM (VITON). In general radial seals have the following technical features: bore range from 4mm to 1800mm, temperature range -40°C to +200°C, static pressure 145psi & velocity 30 m/s.

Hydraulic Seals

These hydraulic fittings can withstand high temperatures, pressure situations and extreme environmental conditions to help provide exceptional performance in handling hydraulic fluid pressures.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are sealing parts which helps you to prevent leakage of pumps or turbines. A mechanical seal consists of a stationary part and a rotating part. In pumps with this kind of pressure and temperature conditions, this is the perfect type of sealing.


An O-ring is a round elastic ring that is used as a gasket for sealing a connection. O-rings are typically constructed out of polyurethane, silicone, neoprene, nitrile or fluorinated rubber. These rings are commonly used in various mechanical applications, such as pipe connections and help to ensure a tight seal between two objects.